Lysefjord Safari Premium - 2h 45min


Try our extended version of the Lysefjord Safari Classic, containing more spectacular sights, more history and also a taste of traditional Viking foods, like dried and smoked fish, and other local, handcrafted products of the season, from the fjord. Lysefjord Safari Premium will make you feel like a real Viking for a few hours, and you will experience where they lived, sailed and what they ate. The Vikings are known to be real seafarers. They crossed the many seas on raids and missions with their uniquely crafted Viking ships. Their journeys were long and weary, often lasted for several years.


The Vikings are known to be real seafarers. They crossed the many seas on raids and missions with their uniquely crafted Viking ships. Their journeys were long and weary, often lasted for several years.

On this trip, we rock the accelerator and speed up into one of Norway’s most impressive fjords. The Lysefjord or the "Fjord of the lights" with the famous Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is Stavanger’s pride and charm. This Premium version of the Lysefjord Safari includes the view of Kjerag and the Flørli 4444. We will cruise the full length of the Lysefjord and explore the amazing raw nature and all the hidden gems.



Difficulty: Moderate. Soft action adventure

Duration: 2 hours 45min

When? On inquiry

Where? Meet up and end location: Central Port of Stavanger (Vågen), close to the Fishmarket (Fisketorget)

What's Included? RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) trip with experienced and well trained crew, guiding and safetygear. Local and tasty viking-inspired snack.

What To Bring? All gear is included. You can bring a small bag/purse if needed. Camera is recommended!
Minimum age: Children younger than 14 only in companion with an adult. Absolute minimum age is 4 years.

Languages: English, Norwegian




Get inspired by the beautiful landscapes, catch your breath and fully take in the great scenery.
On this boat trip qou truly get in touch with the enchanting surroundings.
If you’re lucky, you might even spot a majestic sea eagle gliding through the air or a seal sticking out their nose above the surface.

When the sun gets into the fjord, you will know why its called Lysefjord (Fjord of the lights).

Your captain takes you as close as he can to the vertical mountain drops to feel, smell and taste the pure water freshness of the Hengjane waterfall, or according to Norwegian mythology, the «water of wisdom». A shower in the waterfall will have healthy impact on your hair and skin, we are told from…

One of the highlights of the journey is the narrow gap into the Vagabond Cave and view Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) from sea level.


Soft action speedboat (RIB)trip

Safe and comfortable ride

Soft ergonomic personal jockey seats

Warm and comfortable floating suit, goggles and lifejacket included

Experienced crew at helm

The fastest and funniest way to explore the Lysefjord

Suitable for all people from age of 4 to 104

Stunning scenery

Wild life experiences (seals, small whales, eagles)



Q: What to wear on a speed boat ride?
A: All guests will have a personal suit and a life jacket (PFD). The suit is warm, and also wind and water resistant. In heavy weather, we recommend you to bring a hat and a pair of gloves. We will supply goggles in case of bad weather. We recommend hiking shoes, sneakers, sandals, trainers or barefoot. Anything will work but high heels!

Q: Where to meet?
A: The tour starts and ends in the inner central harbour of Stavanger, close to the Fishmarket.

Q: What is the age limit?
A: Persons older than 14 years can join the trip without any adults. Kids under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. Absolute minimum age is 6 years.

Q: Is it dangerous? Is it extreme? Is it very fast?
A: Since we started in 2006, nobody has fallen over board. Our skippers are very skilled and experienced. We will always do our best to give our guests a comfortable and safe experience. The trip is not a fast-going-extreme ride, but a soft adventure. We have a cruising speed of 30-35 knots (65 km/h). The trip will always be carefully adjusted according to the weather conditions, and the needs and comfort of the passengers.

Q: Can we take photos? Can we bring a bag?
A: Yes, bring your camera or cell phone. There are pockets in the suit for small items. Just remember to empty your pockets after the ride. We have room for a small bag/backpack for each passenger onboard.

Q: What if someone is pregnant or have back pain or other medical issues?
A: The skipper will advise you if you have medical issues. The seats are very soft and the back section of the boat is more calm and comfortable than the bow section. The trip will mostly be conducted in calm waters. Be aware of your own limits!


  1. Stavanger
  2. Jørpeland
  3. Høgsfjord
  4. Entrance of Lysefjord
  5. Lysefjordsenteret
  6. Refså
  7. Songesand
  8. Flørli
  9. Lysebotn