Terms and conditions

Please note that credit card payments for Fjord Events AS are collected by TREKKSOFT AG, Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten, Switzerland (“TREKKSOFT”). Therefore, TREKKSOFT will appear as FJORDEV on your credit card statement for the payment of this booking. The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TREKKSOFT.

Please send an email to finance@trekksoft.com for all inquiries regarding your credit card payments and chargebacks.

Booking terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply between Fjord Events AS and a party who enters into an agreement with Fjord Events in accordance with the booking confirmation (the guest).

Who is responsible
Fjord Events AS, org. number 990993475. Fjord Events AS is responsible for all transactions which take place through the website. Our partner TrekkSoft is responsible for credit card numbers and codes being securely processed in accordance with the requirements according to the prevailing Norwegian law.

The agreement etc.
As the seller, Fjord Events AS is responsible for the guest’s entitlements under the agreement. Responsibility for the assignments to be performed by others than Fjord Events AS rests with the suppliers or sub-suppliers themselves.

Groups etc.
Please contact Fjord Events AS if the online tour schedule does not fit with your (the guests) schedule and we will do our best to meet the given wishes. Fjord Events AS can customize group travels – please contact post@fjordevents.no for more information.

Binding reservation:
A reservation is binding as soon as a booking number has been assigned to the guest and payment is made. It is the guest’s responsibility to verify that the arrival and departure dates and all other crucial booking data are correct.

The guest shall pay 100% of the tour cost when booking via www.fjordevents.no. The guest shall have the booking number available on arrival. The website is 3D Secure-enabled.

Payment fees:
For payments from abroad, the guest shall pay the transaction costs in their own country and in Norway. Fjord Events AS shall receive the agreed price stated in the confirmation in NOK. The guest is liable for any fees incurred by the transaction.

Cancellation of reservations:
The guest has right to cancel the booked package/tour with Fjord Events AS. Fjord Events AS only accepts cancellations made by the guest. Fjord Events AS sends the confirmation of the cancellation/amendment in writing.

Cancellation 14 days before gives a 100% refund of the package/tour cost, or no invoice.
Cancellation 8-13 days before gives a 50% refund of the package/tour cost.
Cancellation 7-0 days before gives no refund.

Own rules for cancellation of reservations applies for agents, travel operators, incoming operators or others who sells packages/tours on behalf of Fjord Events AS
The minimum number of guests, to conduct the tour is 4. If the minimum number of guests, 4 persons, is not achived, Fjord Events AS can cancel the tour. There will be a 100% refund of ticket cost.

Regarding cancellation insurance:
We recommend all our customers to ensure they have good insurance cover before travelling, in the event of illness, loss or damage to luggage, accidents, liability and similar.

The guest’s obligations: 
The guest is obliged to follow the rules, instructions and regulations applying to the tour, The guest is fully liable for any damage caused to the surroundings. Fjord Events AS or the supplier of the product are entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the guest or anyone in the guest’s company behaves distracting and/or causes damage to the fellow travelers, accommodation or surrounding area.

What if something goes wrong?
Any faults must be notified immediately to the current supplier to allow the matter to be solved there and then.

Force Majeure/Disclaimer
Fjord Events AS shall not be liable for unsatisfactory weather conditions or other factors outside the company’s control. Fjord Events AS is fully entitled to cancel the booking if any of these faults should occur.